Lunes, Mayo 20, 2013

White meets brown

Aloha everybody!
I know that I haven't posted for a while due to my hectic schedule but let's look on the bright side, here's another summer outfit post.
As I've mentioned from my previous post, my family and I had a quick summer getaway. Here are photos taken from our vacation in Tagaytay. The splendid and stunning backgrounds were from People's Park in the Sky. 

 Neat, tidy, and slightly pure describes the whole of this outfit. My high-tied ponytail just adds a tinge more neatness to the outfit. The color white makes the tan-colored skin tones brighter, in a sense that it looks much more lighter and glowing. A white floral crochet top gives off a retro taste, giving off a much more curious look to the outfit. It isn't as pure as white due to my brown shoulder bag, shades and wedge because sticking to one color is boring. I also wanted to give my outfit a pop. Actually when your clothing consists of a very neutral color (like white for example) it's easy pair it with another neutral color (like brown). Though it is best recommended if you it is not paired with a variety of colors or it would look very silly on your part. Two colors combined is enough. I remembered before, one of my Science teachers used to say that white reflects heat while black absorbs it. That is the reason why black or any other dark colors disappear when summer arrives. 

(I know that I repeated my wedge from my previous post but I guess there's no harm in doing that.) 

(Rear view of the outfit; right next to me is my cousin!) 

I hope you liked this outfit! Thank you very much for reading. 

Bag: Kids of Bayo
Top: Mango
Shorts: Bazaar 
Shoes: Crocs