Sabado, Mayo 4, 2013

Rompers to save your lazy day!

As promised from my previous post, I will upload summer outfit ideas and this is the first one. I am so sorry for the low quality. I just used a regular digital camera for this, so forgive me. 

Rompers, it's a life saver for a lazy day! If you have no idea what outfit to wear and your time is running out while you're staring in the closet, don't freak out because rompers were specially made to help you out. It's versatile and absolutely stunning to wear. My is probably perfect wear for the beach but it could also be worn to the mall, park or other places to chill out and beat the heat. Obviously, this outfit is not usually very appropriate for formal events but don't worry because there are also rompers designed for such occasions. 
It's simple, easy to wear and very fashionable. The simple clothing could be paired up with any type of accessories (like jewelries and such) and then finished with any type of shoe you desire. You're already good to go!

I matched my blue abstract cotton rompers with a light weight beaded bracelet and a pair of sandals. I chose ocean blue because it's a much easier and cooler color.  

I bought this bracelet from a boutique in Vigan, Illocos and it only costs fifty pesos (P50)! 
It's very cheap but the material and product is very rich.
That's when I realized that you don't have to spend huge amounts of cash for a signature outfit or an accessory. 

The black flower of my sandals adds the slightly girly touch

Artistic, girly, and simple, that seems to be the personality of my outfit for today. 
Thank you very much for reading! I hope you liked it too!
Happy summer to everybody! 

Rompers: Bazaar
Bracelet: Boutique from Vigan
Sandals: Montego Bay Club