Linggo, Hunyo 2, 2013

Bohemian Spirit

Dress colored in red and blue bohemian prints paired with a floral crochet shrug and a red beaded bracelet gives off that sweet modern day vintage look. I felt the gypsy vibes while wearing this outfit. It isn't a bad thing to be in a hippie outfit as long as you don't over do it. 
Before, I only enjoy looking at Bohemian fashion on the magazines and runways but I haven't had the courage to wear one until I found this above-the-knee dress in Forever 21. At first, I thought that the boho-look isn't something to wear in public then I said to myself "Why not gear up a new suit?"  SoI tried it on and to my surprise, I liked it.
Even though this boho-look isn't really my favorite style, it was nice to wear something you never imagined you'd try on for. After all, trying out new things could give you the feeling of delight. 

Being that boho-chic during summer is absolutely daring, fun and awesome. 
Oh and another thing, while it's summer, going out in bold colors isn't a problem at all. 

Here in the Philipppines, summer will end in 2 weeks and school will start again. This might be my last summer outfit post but I will be back with back-to-school outfits. Stay tuned! :) 

Shrug/bolero- Jewels
Dress- Forever 21
Bracelet- from my mom's jewelry box :)