The Blogger

Hello everybody! My name is Mariella. I'm just an average 15 year old girl who have big dreams. Been blowing candles since 10-19-1997. I'm currently an incoming 4th year student. Even though some people would mistake me as Chinese or Korean, to make it clear, I am a Filipino. The Philippines is where I belong. 

Besides blogging, one of the talents and interests I am proud of myself is dancing. I love to dance and perform on stage, it makes me feel so alive as I move through the rhythm of the music. I also love fashion as much as I love dancing.

Then I combined two of my favorite things to do and I came up with the website name"fashmovement". Fashion and movement.

It would feel so great if you support me. Also,don't forget to follow or add me in my social networking sites. I hope we could be friends :)