Biyernes, Mayo 10, 2013

Three in one polo

It seems so hot here in Manila so we decided to go out of town, to a much cooler place. Last May 5, 2013, my family and I went to a rest house in Tagaytay to relax and bond. This is the outfit I wore while we were on the road. Tagaytay is a very relaxing place. So if you're stressed out, Tagaytay is one of the destinations you should go to. Even though it's summer, the cool temperature in Tagaytay would make you think less of the hot atmosphere. Alright, enough about Tagaytay and let's proceed to the outfit.

(This is not part of the rest house, okay? This is part of our house in Makati. By the way, I'm sorry for my ugly feet which is full of veins. That's just one of the effects of dancing.)

If you are a petite, like me, this could be the outfit for you. My little secret to look a little taller is to show off your legs and pair them up with nude heels, wedge, stilletos or pumps. In this way, you could trick people by making them think that you've grown taller! It's a great illusion.
In this outfit, I experimented a little. I took out my mom's white patterned long sleeved polo and made it look like a cardigan. I just rolled up the sleeves, left it unbuttoned, and wore it to pair my sleeveless dress. My outfit is now finally complete, thanks to the polo!
 Be creative and artistic, let your imaginations take you to create something new. Don't ever think that a specific piece of clothing is only limited to that category.
Another plus of this easy outfit is that it's a great fit for summer. The polo is made out of cotton, so it's thin, soft, and easy to wear. The top part of dress' floral and orange design adds to the season's look.

When traveling, I make it a point to wear a watch in order to keep track of the time. It doesn't only add to the outfit but it is also useful. It's one of my must-haves whenever I visit a place because I keep on exploring every area on that destination. I made it a habit to see every beautiful spot before I leave.  

Your polo doesn't only stop at being a cardigan but you could also make it look like a blazer by simply tying both ends. It's amazing that you can reuse your polo into both a cardigan and a blazer, maybe even much more than that. Always remember that your polo isn't only a polo; that goes with your other clothes as well. As you experiment, you'll realize that you're not only saving money but you're also saving up space in your wardrobe.

Thank you very much for reading! I hope you like it! I'll make a post about our trip in Tagaytay and the beautiful spots we went to especially the part where we were sight seeing Taal Volcano. 

Dress: Bazaar from Landmark
Polo: Guess
Closed Wedge: Crocs
Watch: Anne Klein