Miyerkules, Mayo 29, 2013

Red Sandals

Hello there! :D 
The pictures posted below were taken inside Serendra 2 condominiums. We once lived there and we might live there again after 'asdfghjkl' years. I don't know exactly when. 

Scroll down to know more about my outfit! :) 

I'm having one of those lazy days again. That's why I just paired up my simple floral printed tee with black shorts and red sandals. My footwear emphasized my silver polished nails! 
I had no accessories on, I didn't even brought a clip with me. I am aware that this is a very simple outfit but I just realized that being simple is also attractive. It's nice to be simple once in a while. Also, you could be very comfortable with yourself which leads to easily expressing who you really are. 

It's summer! So you are free to expose your toenails by wearing sandals! This season won't last long, so I recommend that you should polish your nails with daring colors like aqua or tangerine orange. You could even go for glitters or sophisticated nail arts! When summer ends, you might feel a little embarrassed wearing such nail-polish. 

Are you familiar with Marilyn Monroe's quote about shoes? She said "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." By the way, Marilyn is one of my inspirations. She's confident, intelligent which adds to the fact that she's perfect in my eyes and I really want to be like her. Going back to my point, the sandals is the main attraction of my outfit, not my top. Its' strap is very easy to see because red is a popping color. It consists of both a dark and bright complexion which makes it an interesting color for the eye. In conclusion, wearing a red top could make you the center of attraction in a large crowd. 

I really like wearing sandals because I could easily walk or run swiftly on it. I guess this is the right shoes for me because I felt explicit and at the same time relaxed. I didn't get that annoying ouch-y feeling whenever I wear closed wedges or heels. I was really able to smile and be myself. I think that's what Marilyn Monroe is trying to say. 

OH NO! I was caught smiling by myself :)) HAHA! :D 

Sandals- Made from Marikina
Tee- Mango
Shorts- Bazaar

Thank you very much for reading! I hope that you could find the right shoes for you! Also remember that the most beautiful make-up of a woman is her smile and simplicity. :)