Sabado, Mayo 25, 2013

Tagaytay Trip

Greetings everyone! 
My apologies, this should be posted weeks ago but I was too busy reviewing for the upcoming entrance exams for college! I am so freaking nervous right now and negative thoughts keep filling in my head. Anyways, I wanted to give myself a break. That's why I wrote an article about my experience in Tagaytay last May 5 & 6, 2013. 

Our family rented a rest house from one of the subdivisions in Tagaytay where we spent the night. We felt relaxed and at ease as the breezy wind gave us a break from the stressful heat in which Manila is currently facing. 

The following day, we went to People's Park in the Sky. It is the highest point in Tagaytay which used to be the palace of the past ex-president Marcos but it was never completed. Funny that some letters were missing and I guess the government should do something in order to restore its beauty. The historical value of this place was ruined by the lack of maintenance but the views from afar were gorgeously stunning. You could see the topmost view of the nearby mountains, estates or subdivisions and the Taal Lake. 

The Entrance

The road 

Taal Lake

Tagaytay Highlands top view 

Me with my gorgeous cousins

That's my Tagaytay experience. I hope you like it!
Thank you very much for reading! :D