Linggo, Hunyo 2, 2013

Bohemian Spirit

Dress colored in red and blue bohemian prints paired with a floral crochet shrug and a red beaded bracelet gives off that sweet modern day vintage look. I felt the gypsy vibes while wearing this outfit. It isn't a bad thing to be in a hippie outfit as long as you don't over do it. 
Before, I only enjoy looking at Bohemian fashion on the magazines and runways but I haven't had the courage to wear one until I found this above-the-knee dress in Forever 21. At first, I thought that the boho-look isn't something to wear in public then I said to myself "Why not gear up a new suit?"  SoI tried it on and to my surprise, I liked it.
Even though this boho-look isn't really my favorite style, it was nice to wear something you never imagined you'd try on for. After all, trying out new things could give you the feeling of delight. 

Being that boho-chic during summer is absolutely daring, fun and awesome. 
Oh and another thing, while it's summer, going out in bold colors isn't a problem at all. 

Here in the Philipppines, summer will end in 2 weeks and school will start again. This might be my last summer outfit post but I will be back with back-to-school outfits. Stay tuned! :) 

Shrug/bolero- Jewels
Dress- Forever 21
Bracelet- from my mom's jewelry box :) 


Miyerkules, Mayo 29, 2013

Eczema Experience & 7 Remedies for Rash

Hello there!

This isn't about fashion, this blog post is  about my dreadful experience. Let me scratch that, dreadful is such an understatement to describe eczema. It's just everything in between disturbing, itchy and nasty. 

 I wrote this to express the catastrophe I've been through and I also want to give hope to all the eczema victims out there. Don't worry, I won't rant until the end of this post about how awful my journey had been. Instead, I will also share simple remedies on how you could overcome an itchy rash.  

If you type the word 'eczema' on Google, you'd find fifteen million results; experiences, definitions, cures and  a lot more facts about it. But the first link caught my attention,Wikipedia. Obviously, everything you'd want to know about a certain topic is included inside the contents of it, so I clicked it. 

The term eczema is broadly applied to a range of persistent skin conditions. These include dryness and recurring skin rashes that are characterized by one or more of these symptoms: redness, skin edema (swelling), itching and dryness, crusting, flaking, blistering, cracking, oozing, or bleeding.

That's how Wikipedia defined eczema but for me, they missed tons of information. They didn't describe how hard it was to sleep at night, how those red ugly scaly scabs ate one's self-esteem, how disgusting it felt and  many more were not mentioned.

 Wanna know about my story? Keep scrolling. 

These are different kinds of eczema ranging from mild to severe
 A year ago, I woke up every morning with lots of scratches all over my fragile body. Sometimes, I'd see blood stains in my cover sheets and pillows. Then I would curl up in my bed and cry as softly as I can so that no one would be awaken. I'd feel the stinging pain covering up my whole body as I walk down to the bathroom just to see how awful my skin has gone. Everyday, I'd discover new itchy wounds and my heart would rupture as I see my reflection in the mirror. I'd say to myself "Wow! This is what eczema has done to me."  

Whenever I go out, people would stare and judging from their looks, I could tell how disgusted they are. I bet they wouldn't even dare to hold my hand.  I wasn't proud of who I am. So I dropped my confidence to the ground.

I guess you're wondering how I got my atopic dermatitis or also known as eczema. It's a long story but fine, I'll discuss it then. Going back down memory lane, when I was born, I had blood infection already. At first I had asthma but it stopped when I turned 7. Instead, a new disease spotted me and substituted my asthma.
That's when eczema comes to the picture. 

As I recall my childhood, I remember having  those annoying rashes every summer only. I would describe it as every once in a blue moon but everything changed when the start of 2012 came.  It started with a little, puny rash but eventually it scattered all over. I had rashes even though it wasn't summer.It was sickening to look at and the feeling wasn't good either.
I wasn't able to wear those cute looking spring dresses or shorts. I had to wear a jacket to school, so that I could cover up those inflamed, dry rashes.

It worsen during the summer of 2012. It came to the point when I had to rift someone's heart into pieces. (Oh don't ask me about that anymore! That's another story which I will keep only to myself :P)
Well, life's full of heartbreaks and surprises.

Not only my confidence was broken but also my heart was experiencing a catastrophe by then. Luckily, I moved on from it but my skin was so dreadful to look at. That's when I took medications and drank anti-antibiotics. Luckily, after months of patience and enduring, my skin finally came back to it's smooth complexion.

Even though I have scars all over my legs and arms, I am still thankful that I experienced this tragedy. After all those crying and suffering, I felt proud that I was strong enough not to break down completely. I may have fallen into pieces at times but it didn't stop me to move forward in life.

7 Remedies for rash! 

I won't recommend any anti-antibiotics because you might be allergic to it or something. You might blame me if something bad will happen. I took strong medicines which scared me to death because the doctors warned me that it could possibly harm my kidney. Fortunately, everything went fine and nothing awful happened.  I don't want you to take risks like I did, that's why I'll just share these easy remedies.

1.) Use Cetaphil for your skin. 

Cetaphil is clinically designed for dry, sensitive skin. There's no harm in applying this to your skin. So there's no need for worries. On the other hand, if you have no allergies, rashes or whatsoever skin inflammation, you'll be happy to see more smoother results. It maybe kinda heavy for your budget but it's definitely worth every cent.

2.) Use baby shampoo 

I recommend using Johnson's no more tears formula. It smells so good already and it doesn't have much chemicals on it. That's why it won't harm your skin. Using shampoos with strong ingredients might cause you more rashes. If you haven't changed your shampoo yet, change it now! (only recommended for those who suffer skin ailments but if you still want to try it then go for it!) 

3.) Apply ice cubes on itchy area/s

If you're feeling that your rash/es is/are itching again, don't scratch it! It will just spread! Instead, apply some ice cubes on the affected area/s and it will magically soothe your feeling! :) 
Apply as much as you can until the itch-y feeling fades. Don't worry, it won't sting. 

4.) Apply oatmeal all over the body before taking a bath
Leave it for at least 30 minutes for better results. It maybe messy after but you'll feel relief. Plus, it will lessen the redness. 

5.) Drink lots of green tea and have a healthy diet! 

Any green tea would do!
You shouldn't only cleanse yourself on the outside but also on the inside. It boosts your immunity, has anti-ageing benefits, hydrates your skin and protects you from harmful UV rays. 
Taking a healthy diet like having lots of vegetable intake could benefit your skin. I know it's cliche and I said it again but it's true! Remember, your skin is the reflection of your health.

6.) Get at least 9 hours of sleep. 

It's commonly 8 hours of sleep but I think 9 hours is better! So get lots of rest! Don't stress yourself out! Relax and do everything to keep yourself calm at all times. 
You should do some yoga or anything that would make you feel at ease. You'll benefit from it.

7.)  You can go to the gym once in a while. 

I am aware that sweat could add to the itchiness of your rash but going to the gym once in every two weeks isn't bad at all (recommended for mild to moderate eczema only). When you perspire already, just get your towel then wipe those sweat away. Always have a water beside you. 
 It's also a good way to relax. Exercise is healthy for you! I also believe that it could get rid of the negative cells building up your system. 

That's what I did and it worked for me! :) 

P.S. : Once you experience a terrible rash, it is always best to consult your doctor and seek professional service. 

Another thing, I am not so sure if this will work with victims suffering severe eczema or severe skin inflammation because I only experienced moderate eczema. 

Thank you very much for reading! :) 



Red Sandals

Hello there! :D 
The pictures posted below were taken inside Serendra 2 condominiums. We once lived there and we might live there again after 'asdfghjkl' years. I don't know exactly when. 

Scroll down to know more about my outfit! :) 

I'm having one of those lazy days again. That's why I just paired up my simple floral printed tee with black shorts and red sandals. My footwear emphasized my silver polished nails! 
I had no accessories on, I didn't even brought a clip with me. I am aware that this is a very simple outfit but I just realized that being simple is also attractive. It's nice to be simple once in a while. Also, you could be very comfortable with yourself which leads to easily expressing who you really are. 

It's summer! So you are free to expose your toenails by wearing sandals! This season won't last long, so I recommend that you should polish your nails with daring colors like aqua or tangerine orange. You could even go for glitters or sophisticated nail arts! When summer ends, you might feel a little embarrassed wearing such nail-polish. 

Are you familiar with Marilyn Monroe's quote about shoes? She said "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." By the way, Marilyn is one of my inspirations. She's confident, intelligent which adds to the fact that she's perfect in my eyes and I really want to be like her. Going back to my point, the sandals is the main attraction of my outfit, not my top. Its' strap is very easy to see because red is a popping color. It consists of both a dark and bright complexion which makes it an interesting color for the eye. In conclusion, wearing a red top could make you the center of attraction in a large crowd. 

I really like wearing sandals because I could easily walk or run swiftly on it. I guess this is the right shoes for me because I felt explicit and at the same time relaxed. I didn't get that annoying ouch-y feeling whenever I wear closed wedges or heels. I was really able to smile and be myself. I think that's what Marilyn Monroe is trying to say. 

OH NO! I was caught smiling by myself :)) HAHA! :D 

Sandals- Made from Marikina
Tee- Mango
Shorts- Bazaar

Thank you very much for reading! I hope that you could find the right shoes for you! Also remember that the most beautiful make-up of a woman is her smile and simplicity. :) 


Linggo, Mayo 26, 2013

Purple Overload

Bonjour! Paris, France is the place where I want to go but unfortunately, I cant :( 
That's why I just bought a crop tee with the Eiffel Tower on it. 
On the other hand, I have my review classes in Academic gateway at Torre Lorenzo from 8 am to 12:30 pm.  Usually we are exhausted and tired after classes, that's why my friend and I decided to go to Noriter, near La Salle, Taft and we had our lunch there last May 25, 2013. We ordered banana split and sandwich. After eating it, we were delighted because it was absolutely delicious. By the way, they don't offer a lot of pastries or snacks.  
Noriter is a Korean themed coffee shop and it has a cozy aura. You could sit or even lie down on the matted wooden floor while drinking your coffee.A lot of students in Taft  especially young couples would chill there after a tiring class.

Have you ever felt the heat caused by the blistering sun? It's making me sweat to death! Summer is one of my favorite seasons because this is the time where you could travel, go out with your friends or family and nights get longer but the intense temperature is bothering me. That's why I wore a very thin cotton crop tee and I felt very refreshed because I could easily feel the wind's breeze.
 For me, it's a summer must have to own a top with a dream destination on it because summer is all about vacations and getaways but you couldn't travel the whole world in just two months, right? Keeping such top  would  make me remember my this year's summer dream  destination . It's  a good remembrance. So that when I grow up I'll reminisce about it, strive hard to earn then I could finally explore the beautiful city of Paris. I just hope it works that way. Enough about that, let me proceed to my outfit. 
A crop tee and denim shorts is one of the outfits your wardrobe needs for summer. It's suitable for the beach, mall, park or wherever you want to chill out. It's also recommendable for the adventurous girls. If  you want to go for a zipline ride/horseback riding or any exciting activity, this outfit  makes you look chic while being relaxed and without trying hard. 

I picked purple because it has a warm and cool aura which is perfect for summer. Purple used to be a color for the elites only which represents luxury, wealth and royalty, that is the reason why purple expresses sophistication. It also has a feminine and romantic appeal. Another thing, during summer, you could wear any pastel or neon color that you want, you could even wear orange without hesitation. Therefore, colorful clothes are occupying my closet and I adore it so much because it's not boring to look at anymore. That's why I love summer. 

I matched my outfit with flats so that I could walk easily. 

I added a purple gem bracelet to give it a more girly look. 

Credits to my friend, Beatrice Redor for being an awesome photographer and editor! 
Follow her on twitter @grellbear and on instagram @raspbearys

I hope you like it! Thank you very much for reading! 
Remember, summer is almost over so don't waste it while you still have time.