Linggo, Mayo 26, 2013

Purple Overload

Bonjour! Paris, France is the place where I want to go but unfortunately, I cant :( 
That's why I just bought a crop tee with the Eiffel Tower on it. 
On the other hand, I have my review classes in Academic gateway at Torre Lorenzo from 8 am to 12:30 pm.  Usually we are exhausted and tired after classes, that's why my friend and I decided to go to Noriter, near La Salle, Taft and we had our lunch there last May 25, 2013. We ordered banana split and sandwich. After eating it, we were delighted because it was absolutely delicious. By the way, they don't offer a lot of pastries or snacks.  
Noriter is a Korean themed coffee shop and it has a cozy aura. You could sit or even lie down on the matted wooden floor while drinking your coffee.A lot of students in Taft  especially young couples would chill there after a tiring class.

Have you ever felt the heat caused by the blistering sun? It's making me sweat to death! Summer is one of my favorite seasons because this is the time where you could travel, go out with your friends or family and nights get longer but the intense temperature is bothering me. That's why I wore a very thin cotton crop tee and I felt very refreshed because I could easily feel the wind's breeze.
 For me, it's a summer must have to own a top with a dream destination on it because summer is all about vacations and getaways but you couldn't travel the whole world in just two months, right? Keeping such top  would  make me remember my this year's summer dream  destination . It's  a good remembrance. So that when I grow up I'll reminisce about it, strive hard to earn then I could finally explore the beautiful city of Paris. I just hope it works that way. Enough about that, let me proceed to my outfit. 
A crop tee and denim shorts is one of the outfits your wardrobe needs for summer. It's suitable for the beach, mall, park or wherever you want to chill out. It's also recommendable for the adventurous girls. If  you want to go for a zipline ride/horseback riding or any exciting activity, this outfit  makes you look chic while being relaxed and without trying hard. 

I picked purple because it has a warm and cool aura which is perfect for summer. Purple used to be a color for the elites only which represents luxury, wealth and royalty, that is the reason why purple expresses sophistication. It also has a feminine and romantic appeal. Another thing, during summer, you could wear any pastel or neon color that you want, you could even wear orange without hesitation. Therefore, colorful clothes are occupying my closet and I adore it so much because it's not boring to look at anymore. That's why I love summer. 

I matched my outfit with flats so that I could walk easily. 

I added a purple gem bracelet to give it a more girly look. 

Credits to my friend, Beatrice Redor for being an awesome photographer and editor! 
Follow her on twitter @grellbear and on instagram @raspbearys

I hope you like it! Thank you very much for reading! 
Remember, summer is almost over so don't waste it while you still have time.