Miyerkules, Mayo 1, 2013

A Day in Enchanted (A Throwback Post)

"Adventure awaits in Enchanted ."

One of the most visited places in Santa Rosa, Laguna is the amusement park called "Enchanted Kingdom".   The pictures posted below were taken years ago, dated December 20, 2010  

  Some people would wonder if you could be sporty and adventurous yet maintaining that chic and pretty look all at the same time. I'd  definitely say yes, that could happen. Even if you don't have any accessories on, you could still look fab!

 A pair of customized sandals could do the trick to make you look chic. In my case, I was using a black gladiator sandals to match my Kipling shoulder bag and my black top. A plain white collared t-shirt together with a black sleeveless top makes you look ready for an adventure ahead. The colors black and white create such an amazing color combo. Plus, the collared shirt and the shoulder bag I'm carrying creates such a sporty and adventurous look. (Take note that not all shoulder bags could give you that sporty look, some could give you a very sophisticated look.) The last piece of clothing to top off this outfit is the denim shorts. Denim shorts could be matched with anything, be it printed or graphic tees, cardigans, blouses, or just a plain tank top. It's a definite must-have in your wardrobe.

As you can see, the outfit I'm wearing is very comfortable yet I was able to maintain an adventurous and sporty look without being too boyish. So who says you can't achieve that three-in-one look?

(My little sister also wearing her three-in-one look.)

This is my first ever blog post and I hope you liked it too as much as I had fun writing it. It's really nice to reminisce the Christmas season because right now, the Philippines is suffering from the hot atmosphere caused by summer. I'll be back with new summer outfit posts! Stay tuned.